Beautiful Nevis has much to offer! Whether you are a golfer, hiker, biker, history buff, windsurfer, diver, snorkeler, swimmer, philatelist, epicurian...or just someone who wants to flop on a beach or lounge by a pool for some serious winding-down...Nevis is the island.

If you are interested in nature, Nevis is famous for its hiking trails...hire a local guide to take you up Mount Nevis into the rain forest. The Botanical Gardens are worth a visit to see hundreds of varieties of tropical plants. Of course, Nevis' population of vervet monkeys are a treat to watch as they look for a stray mango or two in the trees. And exotic tropical species of birds abound. When was the last time you've seen a tree full of hummingbirds? Or graceful snowy-white egrets flying across a pink dawn sky?

Of the active set? You can charter a fishing boat for a day. You can talk to the folks at the Nevis Equestrian Center and ride on horseback along the beach. You can go mountain biking. You can go sailing and have a view of the islands you will long remember. Windsurfers delight in the Caribbean breeze and the gentle rollers. There are many opportunities for snorkeling and scuba, to view the beautiful and colorful undersea world. Or paddle above it in an ocean kayak. Or swim!

Sports? Cricket is the passion here, and is exciting to watch (there is a cricket field just down the hillside from "Where's That?" where the local teams play). In 2007, St.Kitts-Nevis hosted the World Cup, quite an honor for the two-island nation, with spectators coming from the world around to see the matches. If golf is your love, the course at the Four Seasons Resort (10 minutes from the villa) is open to all and is one of the most beautiful in the world, with panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea and Mount Nevis as you play. Horse racing in the Caribbean? Yes, Nevis has a track.

Have an interest in history? Alexander Hamilton was born on Nevis and spent his childhood here. The Alexander Hamilton Birthplace is now the Museum of Nevis History along the waterfront of old Charlestown. Charlestown, the Capital, is an authentic, well-preserved Caribbean city where buildings from the 1700's are still in use today. Towering above the city are the ruins of The Bath Hotel, the first hotel in the Caribbean, dating back to the 18th century. Admiral Horatio Nelson married Fanny Nisbet of the Nisbet Plantation (one of the handful of ancient sugar plantations which are still around today to visit and have a bite to eat at). Years ago, Nelson used to moor his ships just off shore to take on provisions and fresh water...straight down the hill from "Where's That?" in the area now called Nelson Springs. You can see it from our pool deck; just look over the tree-tops...try to envision the sailing ships of the British Navy that were once in these waters frequenting Nevis and St.Kitts...while you are tanning and sipping a drink! Nevis also has several sites where you can see the ruins of the old sugar mills...these stone windmills ground the sugar cane to extract the juice for sugar and rum.

Getting married? Nevis is an exotic setting for a wedding, and is a popular destination for couples tying the knot, or spending an unforgettable honeymoon.

Of miscellaneous interest...stamp collectors prize the stamps of Nevis as some of the most beautiful in the world...a visit to the Nevis Philatelic Bureau in Charlestown is a must for souvenirs of your visit to the "Queen of the Caribees" (as Nevis has been called in days of yore). The island is also famous for its pottery utilizing the dark browns and reds of the clay of can go to Newcastle Pottery to see how it's done. If you wish to visit the sister island, St.Kitts, for a day, there are regularly-scheduled ferries which leave from the waterfront of Charlestown during the daytime hours.

Foodies take note...there are some wonderful places to eat on Nevis. There is a wide variety in choice (and price range). You can enjoy a gourmet meal at one of the old plantation inns, or have some ribs, chicken or lobster from one of the several beach grills...and don't forget the rum punch. Try the local fare if you get the chance. Some of the best comes from the numerous roadside barbecues. And you have to have a bowl of "goat water" (it is usually made once a week for Saturday...a delicious meat and vegetable stew with dumplings...don't be put off by the name!)...track this down at eateries where the locals congregate! Pumpkin soup...lobster salad...more rum on and so on!

All that said and done...Nevis's biggest asset is its people. You are likely to make friends here that you will keep, along with memories of the best vacation you have ever had.